Maarit Magga design

"The Promise"

Narrative Wall Textile by Embroidery and Photographic Transfer The Promise around the Window Curb takes my childhood.

Mother´s Uncle lived nearby and the exterior light was a promise to come to me. The shabby old-fashioned living environment was lit by a turquoise kitchen cabinet. There was a candy bag in the cabinet box, sometimes up to two. Often the best Fazerin Parhaat or Kettu candies.

Eno’s way showed affection when I remembered me on his church trip. I remember the smell of pipe tobacco that was soaked in clothes as well as in the interior of the cabin.

I haven’t come to know him as a person, but I’ve heard a lot of stories about him.

According to the story, Uncle was sometimes in love with the fact that wedding bells were already ringing. Wedding dresses had already been made. However, the wedding did not come because the Bride went to another. According to the story, the Bride was afraid of Uncle’s flattery. Or was Uncle just wanting new clothes?

Based on the style of the 1940s, the contemporary gákti Promise reflects the groom’s wedding dress, though done to my son.

”The Promise” 2021

Photos Johanna Labba